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We are here for your selection of self closing door closer hardware and related consumables you are interested in. Browse our unique accessories today to find suitable options.

Door Closer Hardware

Self closing door closers, sliding door closers, sliding door soft closers, soft closer dampers, self closing hinges, sliding door latch, floor
protection mats

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We offer a variety of equipment to meet customers' demands. Such as self closing door hardware, soft close sliding door hardware, barn door hardware, cavity pocket door hardware; floor protection mats

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Door Self Closer

We focus on door self closer and soft closer & damper systems. In addition, we try to offer you products that will make your life easier in a surprising way. Easy solutions to the toughest problems.

We represent several international hardware manufacturers producing quality and unique accessories for the door and window market in Australia. We are passionate about quality and seek to provide quiet, efficient, and long lasting products. No compromise when it’s about convenience.

Regardless of the size or type of project; from a residential renovation to a commercial high rise, we can support you within our abilities. We want to make things easy for you; less stress and lesser money you spent.

Self closers are used to ensure doors close automatically and can be used for security and safety, privacy, environmental and pool safety purposes.

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Door closer hardware, self close & soft close hardware, self closing hinges; sliding door self closers, soft close & damper hardware; barn doors, sliding doors, pool safety, fire safety