Sliding Screen Door Closer

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Sliding screen door closers can be used for swimming pool safety as an addition.

Many Australian homes have a pool. Because of drowning risks with pools, we have regulations. Regulations like pool fences to keep kids out without the assistance of adults. While such measures are important to keep our children safe, they can take away from the aesthetic of the pool area.

If you have sliding screen doors that open up to your pool area, a sliding screen door closer may be the solution for you. (Our door closers are not apply for safety code – providing an addition for your pool safety arrangements)

Screen Door Closers Are Handy If You Have Children

Screen doors work best when they are closed. Children and others can leave them open, and this is a valid invitation to flies, mosquitoes and other insects. Therefore, almost all hinged screen doors have door closers. By installing an automatic sliding screen door closer, you can get the same result as the hinged door closer.

Sliding Screen Door Closers Are Convenient

Having things automated makes our life easier. Sliding screen doors with door closers are one of them. Not having to close the door manually just makes your life easier.

Sliding Screen Door Closers are a helpful addition to your home. Many of them are inexpensive and simple to install. Some assist as additional in pool safety compliance. Such sliding screen door closers not only keeps your home safe, but add value and improve functionality.

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