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6 series slideback sliding door closer

6th Generation self closing sliding door closer, semi-automatic closer, door control hardware.

Eco-friendly 6th Gen sliding door closer is a semi-automatic and non-electrified door closer. Self-closing sliding door closer, close door automatically, without an external power supply. When the door is opened manually, self-closing feature can make the door closed automatically. Slow closing future performs just like an electric style automatic door.

The 6th Gen sliding door closer suitable for different door types. Such as timber sliding doors, aluminum patio doors, sliding screen doors, and frameless glass doors. It could be widely used for residential homes, and even for nursing homes, hospitals and schools.



  • Flexible installations: Various mounting bracket combinations provide different installation options.These brackets are suitable for the most of sliding doors, barn doors, framed sliding doors, frameless glass doors, patio doors, storefront sliding doors, interior sliding doors, bypass sliding doors, middle opening double sliding doors and so on. Furthermore, attaching and detaching (switching on and off) is also available through the new bracket connections.
  • Easy Installation: Mounting slots for installation clips make installation easier than others.
  • Slim Body: The slim body offers more possibilities to be concealed in door jamb.
  • Vide Range of Powder Coated Colours: Various colours are available as an option, and makes the door closer looks like part of your door.
  • Closing speed control: The position of the Speed ​​Control Valve has been moved front, for easier sliding speed adjustment.
  • Hold-Open: Mounting brackets of Hold-open device, offers a convenient operation.
  • Durability: 200,000 cycle tested, much more durable and better than others.
  • Service: 1 year warranty and lifetime after-service.


  • Multinational PATENTED worldwide
  • Self-closing sliding door closer, close door automatically, without an external power supply.
  • Non-electrified device with handy hold-open function.
  • Compare to expensive fully automatic door system, our 6th Gensliding door closer is a good value for money.To make your door like an automatic sliding door; easily install our 6th Gen sliding door closer on your existing sliding door.
  • Various handy new brackets for more applications for timber doors, metal doors, frameless glass doors, framed glass doors, double sliding doors and bypass sliding doors.
  • Long life span: 200,000 cycles tested


  • Standard body length: 693 mm. Suits door width between 700 mm – 1,150 mm.
  • Main material: Aluminum
  • Standard finish: natural aluminum anodized. Other colours are available as option.
  • Power Force: Extra Light (X), Light duty (L), Light Plus (L+), Medium duty (M), Medium Plus (M+), Heavy duty (H), Heavy Plus (H+)
  • Door weight: Can be installed for door weight up to 200 kg, depends on the door’s rolling smoothness. If the rolling system is smooth enough, even the light duty can carry an 80 kg door.


If you have no idea about your door weight and the start force to move the door or the condition of the smooth of rolling, there is a simple way might help you to choose the probably proper power force. (For reference only)

First of all, use ONE finger only to push the door, and see how far the door moves, then refer to the below table to select the power force.


  • Can be installed on data centre, IT field, kitchen cabinets, wardrobes, utility cabinets and so on.
  • Can be installed for middle opening double doors and barn doors.
  • Can be installed for wood door, metal door, frameless glass door and framed glass door.
  • Install the 6th Gensliding door closer at a smoking area to have the smoke isolated.
  • For child safety, install the 6th Generation sliding door closer to the outdoor pool to keep the door closed at all times.



There is a simple way that can help you to choose possible force level:

Use one finger only to push your door, and see how far the door moves. If movement of the door is less than 25mm, a sliding door closer installation might not possible.
Please improve the efficiency of the sliding rollers first. Power selection on the table is for your reference only.

Position to install:
  • Refer the examples below; choose the appropriate position for the sliding door closer on the top jamb or door leaf.
  • Mark the position of two mounting brackets, and fix with proper screws.
  • Make sure the mounting brackets are fixed horizontally and carefully levelled.

  • After securing the two mounting brackets, place the sliding door closer in to the mounting brackets.
Switch on & switch off function:
  • Connection, between the sliding door closer and the door, can be on and off, by rotating the “connection bar”

Stay-open magnetic holder:
  • Install the magnetic bolt and the attracted plate by proper screws at the desired position.

Operation check and speed adjustment:
  • Check the functioning of the door closer, by opening and closing the door.
  • Set the Speed ​​Valve to the desired speed. (Clockwise for slow scrolling and counter clockwise for fast scrolling)
  • If the sliding door closer cannot bring the door back, loosen the thumb fastener.


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The sliding door closer may not work well if the door rollers are not in good condition or there is too much friction caused by rubber seals and weather strips. If the rolling system is scrolling smooth, even a light duty sliding door closer can operate 80kgdoor. If the sliding system is not smooth scrolling or too much friction; even a heavy duty sliding door closer might not carry 10kg door. We suggest you try to improve the scrolling quality of the door hardware, first.

Does 6thGenerationsliding door closer could be installed on my door?

Yes, 6th Gen sliding door closer could be easily installed on almost all types sliding doors except pocket doors. (We have a different closer hardware for pocket doors)

What colours of sliding door closers are available?

In addition to the standard natural aluminium anodized colour, other powder coating colours can be customized according to your needs.

What size of 6th Gen sliding door closer are available?

Except for the standard length of 693mm, other lengths can be customized according to your needs. (Terms and conditions apply)

What power of 6th Gen sliding door closer are available?

Extra Light (X), Light duty (L), Light Plus (L+), Medium duty (M), Medium Plus (M+), Heavy duty (H), Heavy Plus (H+) are available.

Why the sliding door closer can’t bring the door back?

Quality-check: Detach the 6th Gen sliding door closer from the door by loosen “bar fastener”. Pull out the tubes by hand manually. Check if the tube can go back completely or not? If yes, then it means the door closer quality is OK.

Friction-check; Check rubber seals, weather strips and rollers and track. Over-tight seals, bad rollers or track and improper door condition might generate rolling resistance, which leads to the door closer cannot work properly.

Tightness-check: Re-attach the “bar fastener” and “thumb fastener” but don’t fix them too tight.

Level-check: If the door closer is not carefully levelled, the door closer may not work well.

Speed-check: Regulate the speed control valve to adjust for closing speed.

Power-check: If all the above checks done, but the door still can’t close back; then you might need to use in a next power range of 6thGeneration sliding door closer.


Components List

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