About Us

Sliding Door Closers

Sliding door closers are our primary focus. Ideal Hardware provides sales, supply and installation of self-closing sliding door closers without an external power supply. We represent several international door hardware manufacturer companies that produce quality and unique accessories for the door and window market. Ideal Hardware offers range of simple, functional systems for the automation of sliding doors, hinged doors and even windows.


Mission of Ideal Hardware to provide products that improve the features of the door & window systems. Working for provide comfort & convenience to the user for both DIY kits & fully installed solutions. Contractors, developers, window & door manufacturers, home owners throughout Australia have come to know Ideal Hardware as the preferred supplier around. We can provide sliding door closers & soft closing devices & dampers for aluminium, timber and uPVC doors.

Renovation or New Building

Regardless of the size or type of project; from a residential renovation to a commercial high rise, we can support you within our abilities. We want to make things easy for you; less stress and lesser money you spent.

Our actions to achieve objectives

  • Launching products that can offer easy, economical and practical solutions;
  • To give our customers limited assurance only for what we can do;
  • To explain the capacity of our products openly and honestly;
  • Offering customers alternatives and possibilities for products;
  • Supply and distribution strategies that minimise the generation of waste;
  • Ensuring that effective waste handling and disposal methods are followed including the removal of waste from worksites and appropriate recycling of waste product;
  • Purchasing sustainable goods & services that minimise impact upon the environment;
  • Striving to meet compliance with legal requirements imposed to protect our environment;
  • Avoiding the use of hazardous materials and products where practicable to protect human health and the imprint upon the environment;
  • Communication with customers where there are matters of common concern relating to the safety, quality and compatibility of sliding door closers and related hardware.

As customers, your feedback is highly valued and welcomed. Please feel free to contact us on 03 9357 4897 or email with any feedback.